About Us

Our Vision

You Have a RESET Button.

RESET will provide a space where guests can experience a “reset button” of whole body cryotherapy and other recovery and beautifying services. You will come in to recover from injuries, daily stresses, muscle aches and fatigue, and to enjoy the beautifying cryogenic benefits; you will stay to experience our additional services and to spend time with like minded athletic, active, and social professionals and individuals. All of our services are targeted at muscle recovery and pain relief and all of our services have a beautifying side effect. RESET is a boutique recovery center, the first and only boutique recovery center on Miami Beach. Come on in, we can’t wait to meet you!

Your Mission




Why RESET? We Get It!

You frequent Barry’s, FlyWheel, SOBE Kick, Jet Set and Anatomy. You’ve totally hopped on the detox bandwagon and now frequent Dr. Smood to get your post workout fuel. You drink green juice when you can. Maybe you’re a weekend warrior, and go on long bike rides with a club, run races, or get dirty in tough mudders. Whatever your activity of choice is, we want you to know that we got you! We think you can feel better, recover faster, and even perform better. We know that if you feel better, you will move better; and heck, if you move better, you will live better. It’s that simple. RESET has got what you need to FEEL your very best and to LOOK amazing while doing so!

Reset Cryotherapy
Reset Cryotherapy