Biohacking Essentials asked us some questions about Whole Body Cryotherapy…

Biohacking Essentials asked, and we answered. Here’s what Biohacker’s are wondering about whole body cryotherapy!

What is cryotherapy?

Whole body cryotherapy is exposing the body to extremely cold air for two to three minutes. We use liquid nitrogen and our machine turns it into a gaseous form, which creates a controlled, extremely cold environment for the person to enter.

Basic process, how long a session can last, temperatures, benefits etc.

Each whole body cryotherapy session lasts between ninety seconds and three minutes, with most people staying for about two minutes and thirty seconds. Our machine is very customizable for the clients experience and we use temperatures ranging from -130 to -150 celsius depending on the clients body mass, goals, and familiarity with whole body cryotherapy. Benefits include a calorie burn, decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness, more mobility in muscles and joints, a boost of endorphins, collagen production, skin tightening, and overall feeling better so you can move better and live better!

How long after a session can people expect to feel the endorphins (feel good)?

Most people get an endorphin rush right away! When you’re in the cryo sauna (yes, it’s a deceiving name as as its very cold, not hot!), your body responds by constricting the vascular system in your extremities, bringing all the warm blood to your core. This is a survival mechanism as your body is thinking, “oh my gosh! This is so cold… how long will I be here? I think I need to try to stay alive!”. When you exit the cryosauna, your vascular system relaxes and your arteries/ blood vessels actually expand to more than three times their size! So you get this rush of fresh blood EVERYWHERE, even the areas of your body that are not exposed to the cold.. like your hands, feet, and face. This is why you experience the endorphin rush immediately after a whole body cryotherapy session! And for most people, this endorphins boost lasts for a few hours.

Is there any impact on someone’s cognitive performance from regular usage?

From our experience, yes! Whole body cryotherapy helps to eliminate inflammation from your body. This even means inflammation in the brain. The increase of norepinephrine and glutathione caused by the whole body cryotherapy absolutely can increase cognitive performance.

Why is cryotherapy gaining popularity?

Honestly it can be difficult to get people to agree to freeze themselves for 1.5 to 3 minutes! Once they see a trusted athlete/ celebrity/ friend try whole body cryotherapy, they are much more likely to give it a try. And whole body cryotherapy is fun and it’s something you want to talk about! Even if it’s part of your daily routine, exposing your skin to -250 Fahrenheit every day is exciting and your friends want to know about it. The more people talk about it and share their experiences with friends, the more popularity that it keeps gaining.

What would you say is the most common health problem that Cryotherapy helps to resolve?

In the United States, whole body cryotherapy is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of any conditions. With that said, the most common health conditions that we see are clients coming in with issues of an inflammatory cause, post surgery, clients with rheumatoid arthritis or other pains, and clients who struggle with a getting a good nights sleep!

Do you get…

– Sports players? Yes!

– Do business people/CEO’s now attend? Absolutely! We have a number of business people/ business owners/ CEO’s as clients.

– People in stressful jobs? Yes. Lawyers and realtors love cryo!

– People in the beauty industry? Calling all models and the people that actually book the models. We have both as our clients.

– Average Joes? Totally! We get normal people who don’t have a ton of extra spending money but feeling good is a priority for them and they love cryotherapy.

– Biohackers? A few! But not as many as we’d like

– Famous people (you do not have to name them, just sports stars, movie stars models will do.)? Yes! Models, plastic surgeons, athletes… we get them!

How much of an impact has the biohacking community played on cryotherapy?

I think the biohacking community is constantly growing as it’s fun knowledge that is relevant to EVERYONE! I mean, who doesn’t want to be mentally sharper, physically stronger and better looking, and overall a bit more awesome? I look at whole body cryotherapy as a biohack, and to our clients who aren’t familiar with that word, I describe cryo as a competitive advantage in life! From having your brain function a bit better, to getting better sleep, to being able to recover faster from physical challenges, to having the endorphin boost.. it just makes you be better.

More and more people are following and listening to Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, Tony Robbins, and this is often where they first hear about whole body cryotherapy and the benefits, and they are getting the information from someone that they look up to and trust.

What kind of rate of return on customers do you get? 

Great question! Although I can’t share the exact numbers, I can say that the number is fairly high. And the reason for this is that we pride ourselves on educating our clients. We want to find out why they are doing cryotherapy and what they are looking to gain. When we have this information, we are able to suggest a plan that best works for each clients needs. One cryotherapy session is typically not enough to reap all the benefits, and we encourage our clients to come for their second session as soon as they are able to.

Do some people struggle to hack the cold during their first session?  Not normally. The first treatment is a shock. It is cold! So the first thirty seconds are like, “holy cow, what am I doing?” and then the remainder of the time typically flies by. We make sure to engage with our clients the entire time they are in the cryosauna and it makes a big difference!

Do people get used to it after a few sessions? If so how many?

Think of the basic principles of positive reinforcement. The first time someone handed you an ice cream cone, your mouth did not water because your brain didn’t know yet that it is delicious! The same goes for whole body cryotherapy; the first time, your body doesn’t know that its going to get a rush of endorphins, norepinephrine and is going to feel great! It takes a few sessions for your body to make this connection. And once you do, it becomes easier. Now, even I know some days are easier and some days a re harder to face the cold! But it’s the same with working out.. some days are easier to break a sweat and other days you just don’t feel like it.

Do beginners have a shorter time than regular users?

Yes! We are incredibly conservative with time and temperature as we want our clients to get the therapeutic benefits, but we never want to make someone feel too uncomfortable. We gauge this by skin temperature and client feedback during the session! And our goal is always minimum time for maximum benefit… minimum effective dose (a little Tim Ferris lingo for you!)

What kind of reaction do people have during and after their first session?

They sing, they dance, they get out of the cryosauna and they jump around because the endorphins feel oh so good!

Are people amazed?

I’ve had a number of people call me when they are driving home saying, “put a ten pack of cryotherapy on my credit card! I’m pain free for the first time in months as I’m driving!”

Can they stop it straight away if they cannot hack the cold?

Absolutely! Our cryosauna door closes by a magnet and can be pushed open at any time.

Have you ever had any macho men scream during their first session?

Yes, this is my favorite. You should check out our instagram stories @resetfml if you want to see this on the regular.

What do you recommend users do after they finish their session? 

After a whole body cryotherapy session, you can go on about your day! You don’t need to do anything different.

Is there any do’s and don’ts or recommendations?

They can go on about their day! If that includes a workout, thats great. If they want to shower, go for it! We suggest not going in extreme heat (sauna, a hot bath) one hour after.

Is there a limit to how many sessions per week someone can go?

It is safe to do whole body cryotherapy every day. For some clients who just had surgery or have a serious inflammatory issue going on, its safe to come twice a day.

Is there ever a bad time to do a session? 

Whole body cryotherapy is safe and extremely well tolerated! BUT, wet skin and extremely cold temperatures are a recipe for disaster. So we make sure our clients are DRY. And if they are coming from a workout, they must remove all sweaty clothing, including underwear. We provide fresh robes, socks, gloves, and slippers. So if you’re planning on working out and then coming to cryo, take a few minutes to get a protein shake, cool down, and then go and cryo. And know you might have to hang out in a comfy robe for a few minutes while you stop sweating.

What can a session cost – (This is entirely option) .

Cost really varies depending on size and commitment of client. Memberships bring it as low as $13/session to packages at $50 session that have a longer expiration and no commitment.

What different types of sessions or packages do you offer – (This is entirely option)

We offer single sessions, packages, and different membership options. Many of our clients like to travel and aren’t full time in Miami, so we want them to get the benefits of a membership, without having to pay for an unlimited membership. This seems to work well for our clients.

How can we book an appointment or follow you?

We are bookable on the Mindbody online app! Or send us a message on instagram @resetfml. And we are always available old school, via the phone at 305.763.8297

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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

WBC exposes the skin to ultra low temperatures, -200 to -260 F. WBC stimulates cold receptors all over the body and triggers an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response.

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized Cryotherapy is a targeted application used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. A localized cryotherapy session lasts between 5-10 minutes per area and our clients report the benefits to be similar to that of hours of icing.


Ultra cold air is strategically patterned along the scalp, face, and neck for this trademarked CryoFacial that stimulates collagen production and improves blood flow. Clients report benefits of the CryoFacial to include: reduced pore size, reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and brightens dark spots. If you want tighter and more even toned skin, the CryoFacial is for you.

BOA Compression Therapy

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