CryoFacial FAQ

Can I have makeup or sunscreen on my face for the CryoFacial?

You can have light makeup and sunscreen on. This does not make the CryoFacial less effective. If you prefer to have a clean face for the CryoFacial, we have face wipes available for you.

What is the difference between a Mini CryoFacial and a regular CryoFacial?

A Mini CryoFacial is 5 minutes and a regular CryoFacial is 10 minutes long. The extra time of a regular CryoFacial allows for attention to be given to more areas than just the face, including the scalp and the neck area.

How often should I do a CryoFacial for the best results?

We suggest coming twice a week for the first 4-5 weeks. This allows enough time between sessions for the cellular renewal processes and collagen production to happen in your skin and will result in the greatest effectiveness. Some people do come more often than this for Mini CryoFacials and for CryoFacials; benefits of coming more often include reducing puffiness, improving headaches/ hangover headaches, and giving your skin the desired CryoFacial glow!