Whole Body Cryotherapy FAQ

Isn’t nitrogen dangerous?

No, nitrogen is a non toxic gas. We do take safety precautions such as oxygen sensors and ventilation to make sure that we offer our clients the safest possible environment.

What do I wear?

The more skin that is exposed to the cold air, the better! No need to bring anything with you if you want to go commando. We will provide you with a fresh robe, dry socks, gloves, and slippers. Some clients feel most comfortable wearing underwear or a swimsuit; we support this decision, but your underwear or swimsuit must be completely dry (not sweaty at all) and have no metal. If you are coming from a workout and feel most comfortable in your undies, please bring a dry pair to wear. **Men must wear underwear**

I’m coming straight from a workout… and I am sweaty. Now what?

We got you! We will have towels for you to dry off and a fresh, dry, clean robe you can chill out in for a few minutes while your body cools down and you stop sweating. We wait to put you in the machine until you stop sweating. Dry skin is a MUST!

What can I expect to feel after my first WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY visit?

There is nothing quite like your first visit! After your whole body cryotherapy treatment, your skin will feel cold to the touch for a few minutes, but you will warm up quickly. After your first visit, you might feel a rush of energy, like you got ten hours of sleep and had a large cup of coffee. You may notice less aches and pains if you came in with any, and greater mobility in your muscles/ joints (thanks to the increased blood flow and vasodilatation!). A few hours after your treatment, be prepared to get a bit more hungry than usual; we suggest having some healthy snacks on hand to be prepared. Your body is working hard to recover itself, and this requires quite a bit of calorie expenditure (approximately 500-800 calories!). You might find that you are ready to hit the hay about an hour earlier than usual. And now our favorite part about peoples very first (and every) cryo experience… be prepared to sleep hard. You might just fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling a little more rock star like than you thought.

OH SNAP, I feel nothing special after my first visit.. HELP!!! What’s the deal?

Don’t be a quitter! Come on back!! 🙂 We recommend at least 10-15 visits within the first month in order to achieve the maximum effects of cryotherapy throughout the body. Much like working out, going just one time normally isn’t enough to see and feel real change in the body. We have a rockin’ intro special right now because we really want YOU to stick it out so you can experience the difference whole body cryotherapy can have on your body. We believe that whole body cryotherapy has a systemic effect… After a handful of visits, we believe that you will feel better. And like we say, when you FEEL better, you will MOVE better. And when you MOVE better, you will LIVE better. And when you LIVE better.…you get the point! And you can thank us for having a helping hand in it! 😉 After YOU stick to our first month suggestion to experience max benefits of whole body cryotherapy, we can recommend a maintenance plan that is best for your goals.

Is it painful?

The cold air therapy in the Cryosauna uses dry air, with almost no humidity! So the cold during cryotherapy will feel much different than the cold of streaking alfresco in a Minnesota winter. The session is relatively quick, lasting only 2-3 minutes. Your skin will feel very cold and you may experience a pins and needles sensation, which will dissipate quickly after the treatment. The rush of endorphins after will make standing in the cold worth it!

How do I feel after I finish a treatment?

Most common feeling, like you want to do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Possible feelings after whole body cryotherapy that we and our clients have experienced: energized, ready to take the best nap of your life, hungry, ready to crush your workout, ready to nap now so you can crush your workout later or tomorrow morning, more mobility.

Who should not use whole body cryotherapy?

The following conditions are contraindications to whole body cryotherapy: Pregnancy, severe Hypertension (BP> 160/100), acute or recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, arrhythmia, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, cardiac pacemaker, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, venous thrombosis, acute or recent cerebrovascular accident, uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s Syndrome, fever, tumor disease, symptomatic lung disorders, bleeding disorders, severe anemia, infection, claustrophobia, cold allergy, age less than 18 years (parental consent to treatment needed), acute kidney and urinary tract diseases.

What are the risks of whole body cryotherapy?

Whole body Cryotherapy is very well tolerated and has minimal risks: Fluctuations in blood pressure during the procedure by up to 10 systolic points (this effect reverses after the end of the procedure, as peripheral circulation returns to normal), allergic reaction to extreme cold (rare), claustrophobia, redness, and skin burns.

How many treatments should I take to achieve optimal results?

Most of the time, you will feel the best if you jumpstart your cryotherapy visits and come as often as you can in the first month. Talk to Whit or Jess and we’ll happily tailor a cryotherapy treatment plan to meet your goals for your individual needs after the first month.

I am claustrophobic. Can I still Cryo?

We get it. If you’re claustrophobic we have two options for you. One, you give it a try. Know that the door to the CryoSauna never locks and you can push it open at any time. Your head will be above the sauna, which means that not only will you be able to move around in the sauna, you’ll be able to look around. Whit and Jess are super friendly and will chat with you to keep you comfortable and they have a way of making a few minutes fly by. Not convinced? Our localized Cryo treatments are a great place to start for those with severe claustrophobia. If you have an area that is painful, arthritic, inflamed, or bothersome, we can offer a localized treatment to the area. The benefits are not as all encompassing as the whole body cryotherapy, but you will feel better.

Will I want to shower before or after I Cryo?

No need to shower before or after. We want your skin dry; if your skin or clothes (socks) are wet during the treatment, your chances of frost bite or freezer burn increase, and we don’t want this. After your session, you can put your clothes back on and continue on with your day; and if that includes a shower, then go for it! Having completely dry skin during the cryotherapy treatment is extremely important; this means no fresh application of body lotions/ oils before your treatment.

I have a body piercing… what do I do?

Great question! Please take it out. We know piercings can be sensitive. And the cold with the metal is a recipe for disaster. We will be happy to talk to you about it if you need further explanation.

Can I wear jewelry during a whole body cryotherapy session?

Please remove all jewelry. From our experience, earrings are okay during treatment as your head (and ears) are above the gaseous nitrogen. But all other jewelry must be removed prior to treatment.