Risks of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Risks of Whole Body Cryotherapy and how RESET keeps you safe!

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a very safe and well tolerated treatment option for many people! But not all are eligible for this extreme cold therapy. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, currently have active cancer, or have an allergy to the cold, then whole body cryotherapy is not for you. When you come into RESET, we have a waiver for you to sign and all of the absolute and relative contraindications are listed and ready for you to review to make sure you are an eligible candidate for the extreme cold.



For the safest whole body cryotherapy experience, here’s what you need to know! Do not apply body lotion or body oil within an hour of your cryotherapy session. Cryotherapy is very well tolerated and safe and it is meant to be a treatment on DRY skin; this goes for sweating too.  Whole body cryotherapy is an excellent post workout recovery option, and we love to see you crushing your workouts (Barry’s anyone?)! But you will need to completely stop sweating before hopping in the cryosauna. Some clients choose to cryo pre workout; they enjoy an extra energy boost, get the same post workout recovery benefits, and don’t even have to consider risking doing cryotherapy slightly sweaty. Others love cryo post workout and choose to wait thirty to sixty minutes after their workout before coming to RESET. So if this is you, then do your workout, go to Barrys and get a protein shake or to DIRT Eat Clean for some tasty snacks, and we’ll see you after that. If you have any body piercings, please remove them; metal and the extreme cold are not a combination we want you to experience.



Cryotherapy attire: we provide clean, fresh, plush robes, knee high socks, slippers, and gloves. All you need to bring is yourself! Men must wear underwear, unless your underwear is sweaty or you don’t have any on; and if this is the case, we have got you covered. This is probably more of an in person conversation, but we got you.



RESET keeps you safe! Nitrogen is a non toxic gas, but it can absorb the oxygen and make you feel like you are on top of Mount Everest. Our machine, the JUKA Cryosauna, is the safest machine on the market! There is an oxygen sensor leveled at the clients mouth and if the oxygen level decreases, the cryotherapy technician is immediately notified and if the oxygen level drops by one percent, the treatment stops and the client exits the machine. The JUKA also has a vacuum function at the neck level of the client; this means that nitrogen vapors are sucked away from your face and out to the exterior of the building. And just in case these safety features were to malfunction, which they won’t, but JUST IN CASE, we have a separate oxygen sensor located right above our nitrogen tanks; if the oxygen level at RESET drops by one percent, all hell breaks loose at RESET literally. Alarms will sound, doors will open, and ventilation systems will activate. Thank you, city of Miami Beach, for making RESET the safest whole body cryotherapy location we’ve ever seen!



It’s true. In the United States, whole body cryotherapy is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of any illness/ diseases; whole body cryotherapy is used in Europe and other countries around the world as a treatment for various diseases. As always, we encourage you to speak with your physician if you have any questions regarding whole body cryotherapy and your specific health concerns. We at RESET are also available to answer any of your questions, and since we are not doctors, we do not give medical advice.

Are you ready to FEEL better so you can MOVE better and even LIVE better? Come on into RESET or at least give us a call so we can answer your questions.


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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

WBC exposes the skin to ultra low temperatures, -200 to -260 F. WBC stimulates cold receptors all over the body and triggers an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response.

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized Cryotherapy is a targeted application used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. A localized cryotherapy session lasts between 5-10 minutes per area and our clients report the benefits to be similar to that of hours of icing.


Ultra cold air is strategically patterned along the scalp, face, and neck for this trademarked CryoFacial that stimulates collagen production and improves blood flow. Clients report benefits of the CryoFacial to include: reduced pore size, reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and brightens dark spots. If you want tighter and more even toned skin, the CryoFacial is for you.

BOA Compression Therapy

Compression therapy with BOA: Our BOA compression therapy system works from the bottom of your feet up to your chest. Developed in Poland and adapted from the proven principals of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (including Vodder massage principle), the BOA device offers one of the most effective and safe lymphatic drainage therapies on the market.

Celluma LED Light Therapy

A wonderful treatment for pain relief, acne, and wrinkle reduction. The Celluma is cleared by the FDA for pain management and skin care; it uses light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. Specifically, the LEDs (light emitting diodes) utilizes specific, proven wavelengths of light that can trigger a natural, biostimulatory effect in human tissue.


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